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Electric scooter sharing is dangerous for pedestrians and riders

Electric scooter sharing is becoming a big thing in larger cities across the United States. It is not yet legal in New York, but some lawmakers are trying to change that. While there are obvious benefits to allowing electric scooter sharing, there are also dangers to pedestrians and riders that no one likes to talk about.

How does electric scooter sharing work? The companies that offer this service, such as Bird, drop scooters off on street corners for people to use. A scooter may be rented online and then a QR code is sent to the renter so they can unlock and turn on the vehicle. They then ride to their destination and leave it wherever when they are done. It is a cheap and simple way to get from point A to point B, particularly for people who lack other transportation options.

Here is the problem. In other cities, scooters are being left in streets and the middle of sidewalks or other pathways, causing hazards to drivers and pedestrians. Riders are not obeying traffic rules and are slamming into cars and pedestrians, causing themselves and their victims harm. Many riders have no previous experience with these vehicles and are crashing and hurting themselves and sometime those around them. The companies who offer these scooters for use are not taking responsibility for any damage done, and riders who hurt others are not taking responsibility either.

If laws are changed to allow electric scooter sharing services in New York, pedestrians or scooter riders who suffer injuries in accidents involving these machines may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses. As with any personal injury claim, it is necessary to establish that negligence contributed to the event and provide evidence that one sustained damages. An experienced personal injury attorney can help victims of accidents seek maximum relief for their losses by negotiating settlements with the responsible parties or taking the matter to court.

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