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Green construction is good for the environment, risky for workers

The construction industry employs numerous people in New York and across the country and has for decades. You may be one of the many people who work in this profession, and as the times have changed, you have likely seen new building materials and methods put into practice. Of course, you have likely seen your fair share of work-related accidents as well.

Though you hope to make it through every workday without an accident, they are common on construction sites. As new materials and building techniques are used to implement greener approaches to construction, you may see more accidents and injuries on a green construction site.

Benefits and dangers

Green construction is meant to be more environmentally friendly. Natural materials, recycled materials, cleaner materials and more environmentally conscious ways of building can help reduce negative impacts that construction can sometimes have on the surrounding environment.

However, most construction workers are not highly experienced in using these new materials and techniques. As a result, it is imperative that you and other workers receive the proper training before working on a green construction project.

Though receiving fresh training and reducing exposure to chemical hazards are benefits of green construction, this new approach can also come with risks. Because you may be unfamiliar with some of the new materials and methods for construction, it is easier to make a mistake while on the job. As you likely already know, a mistake on a construction site can easily cause serious injuries.

Help yourself

If you know that you will be on a green construction site, you may want to familiarize yourself with the materials and the techniques you will use while on the site. Your employer should take the time to complete training for all employees to reduce the chances of a serious accident, but if such training does not occur, you may still want to do your best to learn on your own.

Of course, if your employer does not provide the proper training, you could suffer an injury on the job. Though workers’ compensation may be able to provide you with some financial benefits after the accident, you may also want to determine whether you have cause to file an additional personal injury claim against any parties liable for the accident. If you feel uncertain about how to go about taking such action or whether it could suit your circumstances, you will want to have your situation evaluated by an attorney.

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