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How to minimize injuries in a motorcycle accident

No one plans on getting into a motorcycle accident. It is possible, however, to prepare for one. Wearing a helmet and other safety gear is a great way to protect the body during a collision. You could also do other things to minimize your risk of sustaining a serious injury in a crash.

According to the State Department of Health, every year, an average of 141 motorcyclists die in New York. Hundreds of others suffer life-changing injuries. Learning how to crash a motorcycle safely could save your life.

Slow down gently

Preventing an accident is always preferable, but if you know a collision is inevitable, slow your bike down using a safe braking technique. Use the front brakes first, then the rear brakes to balance your body weight. Apply the brakes progressively as you near the object, rather than slamming on them abruptly.

Find a safe place to land

Depending on where the crash happens, there could be a reasonably safe place to aim. You may have some control over where the motorcycle lands if you act quickly right before a crash. Avoid other vehicles and objects, and try to land in dirt or grass, if available.

Hold onto the motorcycle

Unless your motorcycle hits the ground, hold onto it as long as possible. Flying from the motorcycle could cause catastrophic impact injuries, as well as road rash. Hold on tight to the motorcycle with your arms and legs. Then, try to relax as you prepare for impact. That may sound counterintuitive, but relaxing your body could prevent muscle strains and broken bones.

Tuck and roll

If you cannot prevent your motorcycle from hitting the ground, release the bike and enter into the tuck-and-roll position. Tuck your arms and head into your chest, and leave your legs out straight. Roll to a stop in that position. If you are sliding across the road, reach out your arms to slow down faster.

Motorcycle accident injuries can easily be catastrophic. Reduce your odds of a serious injury with these collision tips.

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