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Many a fatal accident caused by men in big trucks or SUVs

A Vision Zero ad campaign is focusing on one thing that is believed to be contributing to the increase in fatal auto accidents happening in New York. Men in their big trucks or SUVs are said to cause more collisions than any other drivers. Why? Vehicle height and reckless driving are the main culprits. If negligence is behind a fatal accident, the victim’s surviving family members may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

According to a recent article, it is believed that men caused three-quarters of all fatal crashes occurring in New York over the last few years. In roughly 41% of these events, the vehicles these men were driving were either large trucks or SUVs. The new ad campaign rolling out to curb these accidents is aimed directly at the individuals who drive these types of automobiles. The goal is to shame them into following the rules when driving.

Most recently, a toddler was killed when he and his mother were struck by a Ford F-250 while crossing a street in Harlem. The front rail on that particular truck is said to be 5 feet tall. Most people would not stand a chance if hit by a vehicle that size. In this specific case, the driver — a male — is said to have been driving without a license. This is the perfect example as to why this ad campaign is deemed necessary.

People have the right to choose what type of automobile they want to own and operate. When it comes to these larger trucks and SUVs, though, those who drive them need to be more aware of their surroundings and follow traffic rules. When driver negligence results in a fatal accident, the state of New York allows the victim’s loved ones to seek damages. Legal counsel can do this by helping them negotiate with insurance providers or taking the matter to court.

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