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NYC is still hoping to eliminate pedestrian deaths

Have you ever wondered just how many people walk through New York City each day? With a population of more than 8 million and the city being a popular tourist destination, the number is likely quite large. This means there are numerous situations every day that could result in pedestrian fatalities.

A few years ago, the city decided to take action in order to try to eliminate these and other crash deaths through Vision Zero. This plan identifies areas of the city that require upgrades in order to potentially save people from harm in traffic accidents. The city claims that over the last four years, fatalities have decreased, but pedestrian accidents continue to account for the most traffic-related deaths.

Vision Zero gets a makeover

In February of this year, the city decided to update the plan. The following measures remain from the original plan:

  • Work with MTA to make sure that bus operations do not hinder pedestrian safety.

  • Implement no fewer than 50 of the plan’s safety engineering improvements in priority locations.

  • Target priority areas in which to conduct senior and child safety education.

  • Add exclusive times for pedestrian crossing in priority intersections.

  • Install more speed limit signs in priority areas.

  • Make enforcement a priority in identified areas.

  • Expand a bicycle network that increases safety for everyone.

The following measures were added to the plan as of 2019:

  • Work to increase safety in commercial waste fleets in tandem with the Business Integrity Commission.

  • Add exclusive times for pedestrian crossing in every priority corridor.

  • Study the injuries suffered by senior pedestrians.

  • Modify the timing of traffic signals in order to reduce vehicle speeds in priority areas.

  • Initiate a driveway safety program to address vehicles that must cross sidewalks to ingress and egress.

  • Install speed bumps and speed cushions in accordance with an Integrated Data-Driven Speed Reducer Program.

  • Start a corridor outreach program targeting certain areas.

  • Track violations of the Vision Zero plan in all priority areas.

Even if all of the plan’s components were in place, traffic-related deaths may still occur. Drivers will still make mistakes that could end up costing someone else his or her life.

What can you do if you lose a loved one?

If you lose a loved one in an accident, you may still exercise your right to file a wrongful death claim pursuing compensation for your losses. However, this process can prove complex. You may find it useful to obtain a thorough evaluation of your claim from an attorney in order to determine the best course of action.

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