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Pedestrian accident in Midtown leaves woman in coma

Emergency responders were recently called to help a woman who was hit by a bicyclist in Midtown. The victim is said to have suffered a skull fracture and is now in a coma. Her prognosis is unknown. New York state laws may allow the victim of this pedestrian accident or — if she fails to recover — her loved ones to seek compensation for the economic and noneconomic damages they have experienced as a result of this event.

According to a local news report, on April 24, at approximately 1:30 p.m., the victim — a 67-year-old female — was walking along 57th Street when she was hit by a cyclist who failed to stop at a red light. She was transported to New York-Presbyterian Hospital with a serious head injury. Aside from reporting that the woman is in a coma, no further information about her condition has been released to the public.

The bicyclist — a 40-year-old male — did remain at the scene of the accident and has been cooperating with police. He was cited for running the light. Authorities did not say if any other charges are expected in this case.

At this point in time, only time will tell how the victim of this pedestrian accident fares. If she does recover, there is no saying what her quality of life will be like and what it will take for her to adjust to her new normal. If she fails to survive, the emotional and financial costs to her loved ones may be more than they can bear. Thankfully, it is possible to seek relief by filing any applicable legal claims in a New York civil court against the party or parties believed responsible.

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