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Types, causes and prevention of NYC subway accidents

Train accidents are, unfortunately, fairly common in New York City. They are such a frequent concern that the New York Post calls subways the “biggest deathtrap” in the Big Apple. Approximately 150 individuals get hit by trains every year. At least 50 of these incidents result in fatalities.

This is such a major and persistent issue that it bears the question: why does it happen? It is vital to understand the types and causes of New York City subway injuries and steps to prevent them.

Types of subway accidents

Accidents involving subway cars take various forms, such as:

  • Hitting pedestrians on tracks or platforms

  • Colliding with other trains

  • Derailing

Whether waiting for a train or already a passenger, you may suffer serious injuries if an accident happens.

Causes of train accidents

Train mishaps occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Engineer/operator errors: Excessive speeding, distractions, failure to brake properly or intoxication

  • Track malfunctions: Mass transit infrastructure is often defective or poorly maintained

  • Mechanical failure: Trains and subway cars often do not receive the proper maintenance to ensure they are safe to operate

No matter why a subway crash happens, it is a tragedy that must be prevented in the future.

Safety and prevention measures

Everyone can do their part to make New York City subways safer, including riders, conductors, repair personnel and government officials. Here are some things that can reduce train accidents:

  • Passengers should never stand on or too close to the tracks.

  • Conductors must free themselves of all distractions and impairments.

  • The MTA should install protective doors to separate the train cars from the platforms.

  • The government should enact more safety regulations.

While mistakes and misfortunes may always be a possibility, some simple steps can save lives.

If you get hurt because of a subway accident, you may be able to obtain compensation via a personal injury lawsuit.

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