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What to take pictures of after a car accident

New York has made strides to reduce the number of fatal car accidents that occur around the city. 2018 saw the lowest number of traffic fatalities since the city started tracking that information in 1910.

While fatalities are down, car accidents only resulting in injuries or property damage are still rather high. If you ever find yourself in one of these collisions, then you need to make sure you take actions to protect yourself. That includes taking pictures at the scene to provide your attorney and insurance agent later. While most people only take pictures of the exteriors of both cars, the truth is, you want more evidence than that.

The whole scene

After taking individual photos of both vehicles, capture larger shots. You need to call the police to file a report, so you can take all these pictures as you wait for the cops to show up. Photographing the scene as a whole helps insurance representatives gain a better perspective of who is primarily at fault. These photos can also show skid marks that determine whether one car attempted to prevent the crash.

Traffic signs and road conditions

You want to show whether outside forces contributed to the crash. For example, perhaps an obstructed stop sign attributed to the collision. It is difficult to get damages from the city council, but if you have sufficient evidence, then you have a better chance in court. You also want to take pictures of any potholes or cracks that may have caused one car to collide with another.

The injuries involved

You should see a doctor after the crash for a thorough diagnosis. However, you also want to photograph any visible injuries you or your passengers sustained. Down the line, your insurance agency may claim your injuries were not as severe as you claimed. Photos help prove you suffered from the crash.

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