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Working in construction? Make sure you have the right respirator.

The construction industry is booming these days. If you work in this industry, you must always wear personal protective equipment to keep yourself safe.

In fact, A respirator may be the most important protection you wear.

The risks

By understanding all risks at the job site, you can protect yourself from a serious injury. Most construction sites present breathing challenges due to dust, fumes, gases, mists or other substances that put your health in jeopardy.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires most employers to provide respirators, dust masks and other breathing equipment to keep you safe. Remember that you may even need to wear a respirator when the air seems crisp and clean.

Choose the right equipment

When sanding a wooden railing, a dust mask may be sufficient to keep you from damaging your lungs. However, it may not keep chemicals, gasses and mists out of your respiratory system. Using the right equipment can make a big difference in your safety. If you have questions about exposure, be sure you ask your supervisor to address them.

Repair or discard damaged gear

To keep your respirator working properly, you must maintain it or recognize when its reached its full lifespan. Look for signs of damage, repair or discard your gear and never use gear longer than its manufacturer recommends.

With these tips, you can minimize your chances of developing a serious respiratory condition at a construction site.

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