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April 2020 Archives

Man charged for fatal accident involving impaired driving

Car crashes seem to be an unavoidable aspect of life for many drivers. When one happens for a reason that is completely preventable, such as impaired driving, it can be difficult for the victims and their families to come to terms with. A man was recently charged for his alleged role in a crash that killed two people that New York that police say was due to drunk driving. This kind of accident should never happen, but does all too often.

Speeding is behind numerous car accidents in New York

The streets of New York, particularly in the Manhattan area, are usually full of automobiles with drivers who are in too big a hurry to care about who they may hurt along the way. Now that these same streets are relatively empty, speeding has become an even bigger problem than usual. Several people have recently been killed in car accidents caused by individuals failing to obey the posted speed limits.

Injured in a squeeze play truck accident?

The streets of New York are often occupied by large commercial haulers that are difficult for their drivers to maneuver. When turning, the drivers of these big trucks are known to take up more than one lane to get the clearance that they need. Unfortunately, not all of them are good at signaling their turns. This can lead to what experts call a squeeze play truck accident. Were you or a loved one injured -- or worse -- in such an event?

Does your employer have your back on the construction site?

Construction company owners in New York and across the nation must provide safe work environments and protect the health and safety of employees. However, deadlines and the bottom line are the focus of many employers. If this is the case on the construction site where you work, you may put your life on the line every day.

2 injured, 1 killed in multi-vehicle car accident

Law enforcement authorities in New York are currently in the process of investigating a multi-vehicle crash that left two people injured and the driver believed responsible dead. This event occurred on Thursday, April 2, in Queens. The surviving victims of this car accident may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through legal means.

Police say man was drunk when he caused fatal accident

The laws for driving while intoxicated have been on the books for many years, yet people choose to ignore the consequences and continue to drink and drive. When the senses are dulled by alcohol, the driver's reaction times are diminished to the point they can cause a fatal accident or one with critical injuries. Alcohol was believed to be the chief factor in a New York fatal accident that happened two months ago.

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