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2 hurt in recent crash involving a drunk driver

Two of New York’s finest ended up in the hospital this month when their patrol car was struck head-on. According to reports, the driver responsible for the collision was allegedly drunk at the time and is now facing various criminal charges. While workers’ compensation is likely to cover many of the officers’ expenses as they recover from their injuries, they may seek further compensation by filing personal injury claims in civil court.

This particular event is said to have occurred the evening of Thursday, June 11. The driver of an SUV reportedly hit a parked car at Lexington Avenue and E. 21st Street, fled the scene and, while driving the wrong way down a one-way street, hit the front-end of a patrol car. Both police officers suffered injuries in the wreck and were transported to an area hospital for treatment. The extent of the injuries suffered by the victims are unknown, but both individuals were reported to be in stable condition when they left the scene of the accident.

The driver believed responsible for the collision, whose identity has not been released, was also injured in the collision. He was transported to Bellevue Hospital with a head injury. His current condition is unknown. According to reports, this individual reportedly had an open liquor bottle in his vehicle. Criminal charges are pending in this case.

As previously stated, as both victims were on the job when they were hurt, they will have the opportunity to file for workers’ compensation benefits, which are likely to cover much of their losses. However, they may find the coverage they receive lacking in some way. With the assistance of legal counsel, these individuals may file civil actions in a New York court against the drunk driver responsible for their losses or even their insurance providers in order to seek maximum relief.

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