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Are falls a big concern in the construction industry?

New York construction workers like you deserve the protection of a safe work environment. Unfortunately, your job comes with an elevated level of risk due to the nature of construction.

But sometimes, avoidable elements make things even more dangerous than they need to be. This applies often to fall incidents in the industry, which are a huge risk.

Statistics related to falls in construction

The National Safety Council examines statistics related to fall incidents, injuries and deaths. The construction industry makes up a majority of the fall incidents at work, taking up over half the injuries and deaths. In 2016 alone, 24,700 of the 48,060 people injured came from construction fields. 384 of the 697 deaths did, too.

On top of that, many of these deaths occurred on the same level. In other words, it is not necessarily the great heights you work from that create such a big danger for you. But if that is the case, where does the risk come from?

Why do falls happen?

Falls from any height can pose great harm to your health. Unfortunately, many of these fall incidents are avoidable. They happen because of faulty or old equipment. Sometimes, workers like you do not have the appropriate gear to use or the right protection. Sometimes, employers will skimp on safety training. They do not update workers when new, safer methods of climbing get released. They do not replace old gear or enforce strict safety policies.

If you work in an environment like this, your employers are often liable for the damages that occur under their leadership. This is crucial to keep in mind if you face a fall incident or injury.

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