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Car accident involving 2 motor vehicles leads to 2 injuries

Two people have suffered injuries in a collision in New York. The car accident took place on a recent Tuesday night. Sometimes, these types of motor vehicle collisions occur due to the carelessness of a driver, in which case, the driver may be held liable for any injuries resulting from the crash.

According to authorities, the recent New York accident occurred when two motor vehicles collided. As a result of the collision, a truck ended up overturning. The driver of the truck was then trapped in the wreckage.

Firefighters were called to the scene and were able to stabilize the truck. Authorities said that firefighters were then able to remove the truck’s roof and break the driver free from the motor vehicle. Two people ended up suffering injuries considered not to be life-threatening and were taken to the hospital for treatment.

A police investigation of the New York car accident may reveal which driver caused the crash due to negligent behavior, such as speeding or driving while distracted. In this situation, the injured party who reportedly did not cause the accident may opt to file a personal injury claim against the allegedly at-fault driver, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. Liability has to be established based upon a showing of negligence before a judge will adjudicate monetary damage claims in this case. If the plaintiff is successful, he or she may receive a financial damage award to cover his or her hospital bills, the loss of wages and other losses associated with the car accident.

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