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Did lead poisoning cause your child harm?

It can be difficult to find property to rent in New York that is suitable for the needs of your family and within your budget. When you are searching for a place, you may think about factors such as proximity to your work, public transportation and cleanliness. You may not even consider the things that may cause you harm that you can’t even see.

In reality, there could be toxins in your home that could result in health problems for you and your child. Lead poisoning happens when a person is exposed to lead over a period of time, and children are particularly vulnerable to becoming sick because of it. This is a common concern in older buildings where the paint is old, and landlords are responsible for testing for lead and taking steps to remove it.

What is lead poisoning?

It can be difficult to know if the health problems a child is experiencing is lead poisoning. This is because some of the signs and symptoms of this type of illness can easily be confused with other types of illnesses. Common signs of lead poisoning include:

  • Headaches

  • Changes in appetite

  • Mood swings

  • Anemia

Over time, exposure to lead can lead to more serious health complications. It can cause developmental delays, weight loss, hearing loss, difficulties with learning and much more.

How does it happen?

Lead exposure can happen in many ways. For children, it is often because there is lead somewhere within their reach. Some of the most common places to find lead in a home is in the paint on the walls or in the pipes. Small children can easily ingest paint chips if they find them on the floor or are able to flake them off the walls.

Since 1978, it has been illegal to use lead paint in homes, but it is still possible to find it in places built before that date. This is a problem in New York where many of the buildings are older and landlords may be looking for ways to cut costs. If a landlord is negligent in the duty to test for lead and remove or confine it, he or she could be liable for harm suffered by your child.

What can you do?

Lead poisoning is a serious health and safety concern. If you think your child suffered because of lead paint found in your home, you could have grounds for a civil claim. It can be helpful to discuss this possibility with an attorney experienced in premises liability law.

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