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How Labor Law 240 protects construction workers from falls

There are many buildings in New York that are being constructed currently or undergoing restoration. This means that there are many construction workers throughout the city performing this work. Many of the buildings are many stories high as well which means that the workers will be working a great heights when they perform their work. This will require scaffolding and other types of equipment to get them to the heights they need to work at. It is important that the equipment is erected properly and safety equipment is being used.

However, this does not always occur and sometimes construction workers unfortunately fall in construction accidents. These falls could lead to significant injuries which could permanently change their lives. They may be forced to incur significant medical bills and be forced to miss work, which means a loss of income. In addition to this there are other damages that people suffer as well. Workers who find themselves in this position may be able to receive compensation through Labor Law 240 though.

Labor Law 240 Protections

This law makes the owners, contractors or agents of a project liable to ensure the equipment is properly erected regardless of who was in control or supervising the project. If the equipment was not erected correctly and a worker falls, the people in charge of the overall project could be forced to compensate the victims for their injuries. This compensation goes beyond just workers compensation as well and the victim may be able to recover more than through workers’ compensation.

Construction workers in New York rely on their jobs to provide for themselves and their families. If they are injured at work in a fall, there is a good chance that they will be forced to not only miss work, but incur significant medical bills as well. That is why the protections provided through Labor Law 240 are so important for the victims. Experienced attorneys understand the labor law and may be able to obtain the compensation they deserve.

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