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Man charged for fatal accident involving impaired driving

Car crashes seem to be an unavoidable aspect of life for many drivers. When one happens for a reason that is completely preventable, such as impaired driving, it can be difficult for the victims and their families to come to terms with. A man was recently charged for his alleged role in a crash that killed two people that New York that police say was due to drunk driving. This kind of accident should never happen, but does all too often.

According to police, the crash happened earlier this year when a man drove the wrong way on the I-287. His car allegedly struck another head-on. Authorities say that the second car was carrying a man and three passengers to a nearby basketball game. Though everyone involved was rushed to a nearby hospital, the driver of the second car and a 17-year-old passenger died due to their injuries.

The driver of the first car has now been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and aggravated driving while intoxicated. His license has been suspended and a court date is pending. There is no word on how police determined the driver may have been intoxicated.

Even if this man is found guilty of the crimes he has been charged with, the families of the victims may have other means for recourse. They could decide to file civil litigation against the driver and/or anyone else believed responsible for the fatal crash. A wrongful death claim regarding impaired driving could result in a judgment for monetary damages that may help the families cover financial losses associated with the crash. Anyone in a similar situation may want to consult a New York attorney to determine the best way to proceed.

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