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More than 40% of construction worker deaths stem from falls

When you work on a construction site, you want your employer to take every precaution possible to prevent and protect you against on-the-job injuries. In your line of work, the most notable hazard you face is that of falling, with construction site falls injuring tens of thousands and causing a high percentage of all industry fatalities.

According to Safety and Health, falls are the leading factor in fatal construction site accidents, accounting for 42% of all construction worker deaths each year. While your risk of suffering a serious injury in a construction site fall is higher than the risk of you dying in such an event, falls create considerable risk in both areas.

Young workers more at risk

Research shows that younger construction workers who lack the experience that their older colleagues have are those most likely to fall and die as a result. In a study of 768 worker deaths that resulted from falls, 20% of them took place during a workers’ first two months in the position.

Personal Fall Arrest Systems make a difference

Research also shows how much more at risk you are when you do not have access to or use a Personal Fall Arrest system, which includes a body harness, anchorage and connector. Statistics show that 54% of the construction workers who died in falls did not have access to this critical safety equipment. Another 23% of workers who lost their lives in construction site falls had access to such equipment but were not using it.

Find more about construction site injuries and fatalities on our webpage.

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