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Motorists can keep motorcyclists safe with these guidelines

As the beautiful summer weather continues, motorcyclists take to the roads. The warm temperatures and historic New York roadways are perfect for those long, scenic drives.

For car and truck drivers, the increase in motorcycles may make driving more difficult. However, sticking to the basics of good driving can give drivers the confidence they need to safely navigate around motorcycles.

Share the road with bikers

Many of the following guidelines may seem like basic driving advice. These reminders are necessary, however — Motorcycles only account for 3% of registered vehicles, yet 14% of traffic fatalities. Drivers can help keep motorcycles safe by remembering these tips:

  • Check blind spots: If a blind spot can hide an entire car, it can easily hide a motorcycle. 67% of multiple-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles occur when a car violates a biker’s right-of-way.

  • Give bikers more room: Motorcycles react and move differently than vehicles. To help bikers maintain control, give them as much room as possible.

  • Refrain from using brights: Responsible drivers turn their brights off when following or approaching any vehicle at night. Motorcycles need even more consideration as they do not have a windshield to protect from the worst of the glare.

  • Do not drink and drive: Driving under the influence is illegal in the United States. Drunk driving can endanger oneself and every driver on the road. Motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury in a crash. Do not increase their chances further.

  • Take care with left turns: Since most motorcycle accidents occur in intersections, drivers should take extra care when turning left. These turns are more dangerous for trucks and cars, but drivers should specifically look for bikers.

  • Signal turns clearly: When drivers miss turn signals, they fail to communicate with everyone else. This lack of adherence to proper road safety may only annoy most drivers, whereas failure to use a turn signal may be deadly for motorcyclists.

Motorcycle accident victims can seek legal recourse

Those involved in an accident on their motorcycle can seek legal counsel by contacting a local attorney familiar with New York motor vehicle law. A lawyer can assess a case, work with insurance companies and draft a settlement to cover damages.

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