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Pedestrian accident: Foot travelers at risk in New York

If you travel by foot on a New York roadway, you’re obligated to adhere to pedestrian traffic laws and safety regulations. This might include using specially marked sections of road to navigate crosswalks or waiting for a pedestrian crossing signal to change before stepping into the road. Motorists, too, are obligated to adhere to traffic laws, of course, and are expected to be cautious and alert behind the wheel, particularly in areas where pedestrians are present. If a pedestrian accident occurs, a driver may be deemed financially responsible for damages if evidence shows that he or she was negligent.

City areas are typically high-traffic locations where there might be an increased risk for pedestrian injuries. Sadly, however, many pedestrian accidents are later determined to have been easily preventable were it not for driver negligence or recklessness behind the wheel. Such cases can be complex, and many involve additional parties besides a driver and an injured pedestrian when a collision occurred.

For instance, a poorly maintained sidewalk that causes a pedestrian to stumble and fall off a curb into traffic might point to negligence of the party responsible for keeping the sidewalk free from walking hazards. Another example might be a case where a pedestrian is struck and injured by debris flying off the back of a truck, especially if it is a commercial vehicle hauling a load. A thorough investigation would be necessary in any case to determine if one or more parties were negligent, thus resulting in a pedestrian’s injuries.

At Subin Associates, LLP, in New York, an experienced legal team is committed to providing strong support to anyone injured in a pedestrian accident. If you’re wondering whether you have grounds for filing a personal injury claim in a civil court, you may request a consultation at any time. This is typically the first logical step to take to build a case against the party deemed responsible for your injuries.

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