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Pedestrian hit by car in Manhattan

As numerous pedestrians are out and about in certain areas of New York on any given day, one would think drivers would be more cautious and aware of their surroundings. Sadly, auto-pedestrian accidents are often reported. Most recently, a pedestrian hit by a car in Manhattan’s Lower East Side had to be freed from underneath the SUV before she could be transported for medical care.

According to reports, on Sunday, Jan 26., the driver of a black SUV was attempting a right-hand turn when he or she struck the victim. Video of the event shows several passersby running to the scene to help lift the vehicle off of the woman to free her. Emergency crews arrived shortly after the woman was pulled out from underneath the automobile. The severity of the victim’s injuries is unknown. According to reports, she was conscious as first responders tended to her.

Little is known about the driver. Police did cite this individual for failing to yield. It is unclear if any further charges may be filed concerning this matter.

The pedestrian hit by this car, aside from any physical injuries suffered, may also find herself suffering psychologically and financially as a result of this accident. The overall damage can be challenging to overcome. According to state laws, this individual may be entitled to seek compensation for her losses, which she can do by filing legal claims in a New York civil court. With the assistance of counsel, she may be able to negotiate a fair settlement without having to set foot in a courtroom. If negotiations fail, however, litigation may be an appropriate avenue for seeking maximum relief.

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