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Phone use is not the only thing distracting drivers

When behind the wheel of a car, one would think that paying attention to the road and one’s surroundings would be a top priority for all drivers. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Distracted driving is a real issue in New York, particularly when it comes to people using their phones while operating their vehicles. However, phone use is not the only thing distracting drivers.

According to a recently released study completed by The Zebra, there are plenty of things pulling drivers’ attention from the road. While phone use does remain the top distracted driving activity, others include nose-picking, kissing, eating, grooming and changing clothes. When it comes to the last two items, one if four study participants admitted to changing their clothes while driving, and one in seven say they have put on deodorant or makeup while behind the wheel. Some new things that people have admitted to doing while driving are shaving, reading, urinating and picking at acne. All of these may seem like minor things, but anything that takes one’s eyes off the road, for even a few seconds, can have serious consequences.

People from a total of 25 cities were surveyed for this study. Of the 25, New York leads the pack for the number of distracted drivers. There was no difference found between men and women as far as who is most likely to drive while distracted. This big difference came with the age of drivers. Younger individuals, those 18 to 23, are more likely to engage in distracted driving.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what is distracting drivers. Not paying attention to the road is a choice. Those who choose to drive while distracted and cause accidents that leave their victims injured, or worse, may be held accountable for their actions. Victims of distracted driving incidents in New York, including family members of those killed in accidents, may utilize legal means to seek maximum compensation for any recoverable losses experienced.

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