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Report blames limo tragedy on flagrant safety violations

The National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, blamed New York’s regulators, as well as a limo company, for a tragic accident from two years ago.

The limo accident made national news at the time and left 20 people, including the limo driver and 2 pedestrians, dead. Many of the victims were young adults who had hired the limo so that they could drink without driving. According to the NTSB, the limo picked up speed, traveling over 100 miles per hour, while heading down a sharp slope. The brakes apparently were not working on the limo, so the vehicle went through an intersection, flew off the road and broke apart in a ravine.

Limo company had a history of safety violations and dodging rules

After the accident, authorities discovered that this company had a history of safety violations. In fact, the company had on more than one occasion been sidelined from providing public transportation for hire in New York.

However, the company seemed to be able to slip through the cracks by simply not registering properly through the state’s regulatory channels. As a result, they managed to keep operating their service under the radar.

Criminal charges won’t get compensation for the families

The owner of the limo country is facing criminal charges in connection with this accident, including counts of negligent homicide and manslaughter. However, the criminal justice systems is not designed to get the compensation that the victims of this tragedy deserve.

The families of the deceased would have to pursue a separate lawsuit to recover their expenses, including funeral expenses, any medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Accidents of this magnitude can present multiple and complicated legal issues that can be hard to navigate without help.

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