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Speeding is behind numerous car accidents in New York

The streets of New York, particularly in the Manhattan area, are usually full of automobiles with drivers who are in too big a hurry to care about who they may hurt along the way. Now that these same streets are relatively empty, speeding has become an even bigger problem than usual. Several people have recently been killed in car accidents caused by individuals failing to obey the posted speed limits.

According to an article printed in early April, in the month of March, speed cameras issued over 180,000 citations, while police stopped and issued speeding tickets to several hundred more drivers. This is roughly a 12% increase from just two months before, even though traffic volume has drastically decreased. Authorities believe it is the lack of traffic that is causing people to feel free to drive faster than they should.

Between early March and early April, a total of six people lost their lives in speeding-related accidents. Traffic fatalities for this same time period have not been this high in years. This is definitely a significant issue that deserves attention.

Speeding is an act of negligence. When drivers in New York and elsewhere do this, and people end up losing their lives because of it, they may be held accountable for any losses suffered by the victims’ surviving family members. Those who have lost loved ones in car accidents may seek relief in a number of ways. Legal counsel will have the ability to review one’s case and help one determine the best course of action.

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