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What to do after a bicycle accident

Cycling is a beloved pastime for many. Not only is it an efficient way to travel — especially in an urban environment – it is also a great way to exercise. There are also environmental concerns. Many choose to cycle because it is more environmentally friendly than driving. The benefits are undeniable, but there’s a negative consequence to having so many bikes on the road – bike-on-car accidents.

Cities around the country have tried their hand at solving the problem. Local governments have tried widening roads, adding designated bike lanes, and even creating separate thoroughfares for bikes, but the problem persists. In New York City and around the country, car-on-bike accidents are still far too common. In New York alone 24 cyclists were killed in 2017 after colliding with a car. For bikers injured in automobile accidents, life may never be the same. They may suffer debilitating injuries, medical debt, and job loss.

Although the road back to normal is arduous, there are a few basic things a biker can do to make their recovery easier.

Call the police

Call the police immediately after an accident. The scene of an accident is often chaotic; the police can get things under control. Additionally, they’re important fact finders that can introduce evidence in court if you file a lawsuit later on.

See a doctor

You’re in no position to diagnosis yourself. A doctor can detect latent injuries and begin treatment immediately, saving you pain and suffering down the road.

Speak with a lawyer

Even if you don’t plan on filing a lawsuit, a lawyer can evaluate your case, craft a legal strategy, and gather evidence in case you change your mind in the future.

A bike accident lawyer can provide candid, honest advice in a time of great need, lending stability to an otherwise unpredictable situation.

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