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Worker killed, 3 injured in Manhattan construction site collapse

Construction workers often do their jobs far above the ground, especially here in New York with all its skyscrapers. Working on tall buildings is often dangerous. Workers can fall from dozens of feet in the air, or be caught underneath a heavy object that falls accidentally. The results can be tragic.

Collapse at Manhattan condo kills worker

Recently, a construction worker died and three others were hurt in a construction accident in Midtown Manhattan. The victims were part of a crew working on repairing the facade of a condominium. Two workers were standing on a rig in front of the 11th floor when part of the parapet broke off. The pieces crashed onto the rig, which collapsed and landed on scaffolding beneath it.

The deceased man was 50 years old. Two of the survivors were seriously injured, according to the New York Daily News. The third suffered minor injuries.

How do these incidents happen?

Investigations are underway, but we don’t know how this accident happened. A resident of the condo said that the building’s roof has been in “bad shape” for a long time and that something should have been done to repair it a long time ago.

Many times, workers get caught in construction accidents because the contractor or subcontractor they are working for cut corners on safety. Putting workers high in the air requires a great deal of safety equipment and training. Some construction companies choose to risk their workers’ lives and safety in order to save on these expenses.

Take control of your legal remedies

Injured construction workers and the families of deceased workers can seek financial compensation from the employer that allowed their injuries to happen. Contractors and their insurance companies have deep pockets to fight legal claims. A personal injury attorney can help give you a fair chance at recovery for your lost wages, medical bills, and more.

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