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Basics of a premises liability case in New York

When people in New York leave their homes, most of the time they will be going to another person or entity’s property. Typically, this could be going to work, going to a store, going to a friend or family member’s home and many other public locations as well. When people go on these various properties, they have either a direct invite from the property owner or there is an implicit invitation such as ones that store owners give to the customers who enter their store.

In these situations, people are usually focused on the reason that they went to the place they were going. If they enter a store, they most likely are focusing on the various products in the store that they would like to purchase. They are not usually on the lookout for potentially dangerous conditions that may be on the floors or other areas of the store. They expect that the owner will ensure that the property is safe for the people they allow in the store.

Store owner liability for injuries occurring in their store

There are a number of different hazardous conditions which can develop inside stores and customers sometimes are injured in accidents caused by the hazardous condition. However, just because an injury occurred inside the store, it does not automatically mean that the store owner is liable for the injury.

In order for the store owner to be held liable for the injury certain elements must be present. One is that the injured person was lawfully on the property. The next element is that the owner either needed to know about the hazardous condition or at least should have known about it and did not adequately remedy it or ensure people would not be hurt by it. Finally, the store owner’s failure to remedy the hazardous condition was the cause of the injury.

There are many people who are injured on other people’s property through no fault of their own. Some of the injuries can be significant as well and result in both physical hardships and financial ones as well. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating these injuries can be and may be a useful resource.

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