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Recent statistics stoke worry about pedestrian safety in New York

Since New York City is so busy with automobiles, motorcycles, bicyclists and pedestrians, it is no surprise that accidents are common. While people can be injured and lose their lives in any type of crash, those who are not in a vehicle when they are hit are the most vulnerable. For pedestrians, there can be a variety of problems in the aftermath of being hit by a motor vehicle including brain trauma, spinal cord damage, cuts, broken bones, internal injuries and more. Medical expenses, the inability to work, problems taking part in family activities and other issues can arise. It is important for people to be cognizant of the various factors involved with these accidents as it can be beneficial to avoiding them and understanding the options after a pedestrian accident has occurred.

New York City pedestrian accidents statistics show troubling signs

According to statistics, New York City ranked near the top for pedestrian accidents across the nation. The study from Insurify Insights assessed metropolitan areas and their insurance applications to assess how dangerous these areas were. Four of the five boroughs were in the top six for pedestrian risk with only Queens managing to avoid being in the top 10. Staten Island was the worst in the nation.

For every 10,000 drivers in Staten Island, there were 53.6 who received a citation for not yielding to pedestrians as the law dictates they should. On average across the U.S., that was 4.86 out of 10,000. The Bronx ranked second at just under 46 for every 10,000 drivers. Brooklyn was at 32.3 and Manhattan at 28.4. One of the biggest causes for pedestrian-auto accidents is a failure to yield.

Another concern is the number of older pedestrians who make up a troubling percentage of those who lose their lives in these collisions. Of the pedestrians who are killed in an accident, 35% are older despite comprising only 13% of the population in New York City. 2020 had a notable spike in fatalities on the road despite the circumstances and fewer people in traffic. This is believed to be due to an increase in recklessness, drivers who are under the influence, distracted driving and flouting the law because of lax enforcement.

Help may be necessary to address the problems accompanying a pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accidents happen for myriad reasons. As these statistics show, people are more vulnerable than ever when they are walking the New York City streets. Drivers failing to yield is a known problem, but there are others. Whether it is a child, an elderly person or anyone in between, the long-term problems can be extensive after a pedestrian-auto accident. These can be financial, personal and professional. When the accident results in a fatality, there will be funeral costs and other issues that must be dealt with. For these incidents, evidence should be gathered to determine the cause, witnesses should be spoken to, police reports assessed and medical records scrutinized. Before saying or doing anything, it is beneficial to understand the options and take the appropriate steps. Having professional advice is imperative from the start.

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