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Tips motorists should follow to keep pedestrians safe

Most New Yorkers are pedestrians at least some portion of the day. Even if all you are doing is crossing the street or walking through a parking lot, you are a pedestrian. Pedestrians are vulnerable to being hit by a car and can suffer serious injuries as a result.

The statistics on pedestrian accidents in New York

New York State sees far too many pedestrian accidents every year. The New York Department of Health reports that each year an estimated 300 pedestrians lose their life after being hit by a car and another 15,000 suffer injuries in auto-pedestrian accidents. In fact, injuries caused by pedestrian accidents rank within the top 10 causes of injury-related hospital admissions in New York State. It is important that motorists take steps to avoid hitting pedestrians.

How can motorists avoid causing a pedestrian accident?

Motorists should always practice pedestrian awareness. This means being on the lookout for pedestrians in their vicinity whenever they are on the road. Distracted driving and drunk driving should always be avoided. Motorists should yield to a pedestrian’s right of way at an intersection. Motorists should not speed and should follow all road signs and signals. Extra care should be exercised in heavy pedestrian areas such as schools and neighborhoods.

Can a negligent motorist be held accountable for a pedestrian accident?

If as a pedestrian you are struck be a car, you may be able to pursue a legal claim based on negligence. All motorists have a legal duty to drive with due care. If this duty is breached and a motorist strikes a pedestrian, the motorist may be held responsible if the pedestrian was injured due to the crash and but for the crash the injuries would not have occurred.

Keep in mind that every pedestrian accident is unique and needs to be treated as such when determining whether pursuing a negligence claim is an option.

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