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Tour bus accidents in New York

As the summer winds down, many people may be fitting in a last-minute vacation. A tour bus is a popular method of transportation and many people wouldn’t think twice about their safety. However, when a tour bus is in an accident it can result in very serious injuries.

A tour bus is considered a common carrier, which means that its business is to transport people from one place to another and it is paid to do so. Under the law, common carriers are required to use a high degree of care and diligence. Bus drivers must stop at appropriate places, obey traffic regulations and overall, operate the bus safely.

Accident lawsuits

When a tour bus has an accident, the focus is often on the negligence of the driver or the tour bus company. The court may consider factors such as whether the company was aware of any defects that caused the accident and then failed to remove them, whether the bus was improperly repaired or maintained, whether the driver had proper training and whether there was a breach of their duty to the bus passengers.

The court may review whether the bus had appropriate safety features like safety belts and cushioned seats. It may also review whether there was video to demonstrate how the accident occurred.

The lawsuit may be initiated against a tour company that owns its own bus or a bus company that owns the vehicle. If a person is injured in a tour bus accident, an experienced attorney can provide representation and pursue compensation on his or her behalf.

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