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What are common construction injuries?

Construction injuries can place significant strain on victims and their families. For that reason, it is helpful for construction accident victims to know what kinds of help may be available to them when they are injured on a construction site.

Unfortunately, construction sites can be dangerous places for construction workers. Common construction injuries can include:

  • Falls – falls are one of the most common type of construction injury. Construction workers encounter many heights on a construction site every day including roofs, scaffolding, ladders and cranes. A variety of different injuries can result.

  • Falling objects – construction workers can be struck from items falling from overhead such as construction materials that may not be properly secured. Brain, spinal and other injuries can result.

  • Equipment-related injuries – heavy machinery and equipment on a construction site can results in serious accidents if they fail, misfire or are operated improperly which may result in different types of injuries to victims.

  • Back over and crush between accidents – construction workers can be backed over by large vehicles on construction sites. They can also be crushed between vehicles and another barrier such as a concrete wall which can even result in death.

  • Fires and explosions – conditions on a construction job site can lead to fires and explosions. Exposed wiring, leaking pipes and flammable chemicals and materials on a job site can lead to fires and explosions which can cause devastating injuries.

  • Trench or building collapses – trench or building collapses can occur unexpectedly and injure or kill victims. Buildings that are being demolished or that are under construction can be at risk for sudden collapse which can be dangerous.

  • Repetitive stress injuries – construction work can involve many repetitive motions which can cause painful and debilitating injuries for construction workers.

Victims of construction accidents may have legal options if a third party was responsible for the harm they have suffered or may have workers’ compensation protections available to them. It is helpful for construction workers and families suffering following a construction accident to be familiar with what help may be available to them.

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