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What are the next steps after suffering an injury on the construction site?

While working on a construction site, an injury can jeopardize your wellbeing in more ways than one. In addition to the injury, the lack of income from not working makes it that much harder to pay for your regular bills in addition to your injury expenses. When the cost of a workplace injury can be thousands of dollars, it is important to take the necessary steps to secure the compensation you deserve. Here are a few crucial steps anyone should take immediately following an accident:

Get medical attention

Whether or not you can see any sign of injury, you should always see a doctor after an accident. A doctor could confirm if you suffered a hidden injury and begin tracking your condition after your injury.

Report your injury

In order for your employer to begin their side of your workers’ compensation claim, they first need to know about the injury. Be sure to report your injury directly to your manager so they can assist you with your claim.

Gather footage of the scene of the accident

When trying to explain what happened to cause your injury, it is best to have as much evidence of the accident as possible. Take photos and videos of the scene of the accident and anything that may have contributed to it to help bolster your claim.

Document everything

Part of a workers’ compensation claim requires you to prove the severity of your injury and the cost it inflicted on you. Keep extensive records of your medical appointments, lost income, work interactions involving the injury, the details of the accident, and anything else that may relate to your injury.

Contact an attorney

A workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to help you swiftly navigate the claims process for your injury. They can assist you with filing paperwork and ensuring you receive your compensation in a timely and effective manner. A lawyer can also help you avoid any mistakes that may jeopardize your compensation. If you suffered a construction accident while on the job, make sure you consult with a skilled attorney to ensure you do what is necessary to protect your best interests.

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