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What rehabilitation can I receive with workers’ compensation?

For workers who are injured on the job in New York, the future can be worrisome and uncertain. This is especially true for people who are accustomed to working in labor intensive jobs like construction and other forms of work where they are physically exerting themselves. These types of jobs leave workers prone to injuries, but work injuries can occur in any form of employment, even sedentary jobs where people are sitting behind a desk.

Regardless of how the injury happened, workers’ compensation benefits may be critical to a full recovery. It covers for lost wages and medical costs. If injured workers need rehabilitative care, that is also part of workers’ compensation. Understanding rehabilitation and what workers will receive is imperative. If there are problems getting approved for benefits, it could be necessary to have legal advice.

Understanding rehabilitation and the services available to injured workers

The main objective of rehabilitation is to eliminate any disability the worker might have from the work accident or injury. There may be a limit as to how much improvement there can be and this will be addressed in the workers’ compensation award. The goal is to help the person get back to work or assist them with daily living. This is not limited to physical rehabilitation. There can be psychiatric care too. It is a voluntary program.

Workers can take part in the following kinds of rehabilitation: vocational rehabilitation; selective placement; medical rehabilitation; and social services. Vocational rehabilitation is for those who are injured in a way that prevents them from doing the same job they did before, but they may be able to do some other form of work. Selective placement will find a suitable job for people who were permanently disabled, but can still perform some work tasks. Medical rehabilitation gives the injured worker various exercises and conditioning to help them achieve the maximum level of utility. This is done under the supervision of a physician. Finally, social services help workers and their families address the negative financial impact of the work injury and inability to work. Rehabilitation does not mean the cash benefits given under workers’ compensation will stop.

Getting workers’ compensation benefits could be key to full recovery

No matter the kind of work a person was doing, it is imperative to know how to get workers’ compensation benefits and to take advantage of all that is available. Workers can be hurt in many circumstances and for a variety of reasons whether it is a slip and fall, suffering a muscular injury, a construction accident, repetitive stress like carpal tunnel syndrome, an auto accident on the job, an occupational disease and more.

When the accident happened because of a third party like a company that manufactured faulty equipment, this could warrant a legal filing against that entity in addition to receiving workers’ compensation benefits. After a work accident or injury, getting workers’ compensation benefits requires filing all the necessary forms and adhering to the steps mandated under the law. If there is confusion or challenges with seeking and receiving benefits, it could be beneficial to have legal assistance.

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