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What should victims of bicycle accidents do?

There are several steps that bicycle accident victims should take following a bicycle crash with a vehicle. Victims of bicycle accidents should be familiar with what those steps are and also what the protections available to them are.

  1. Remain at the scene: it is important to remain at the scene of the accident. It is also legally required in many circumstances.

  1. Check for injuries: bicycle accident victims should be checked for injuries. Bicycle accident victims can suffer lacerations, broken bones, whiplash and concussions. In addition, they can suffer severe brain injuries including traumatic brain injuries. It is important for them to seek the medical care and treatment they need to treat their injuries.

  1. Summon the authorities: it is important that the accident is reported to the authorities. Summoning them to the scene allows the victim to receive the help and attention they need but also creates a police report, and may lead to a police investigation, which is useful when making a claim for damages the victim has suffered.

  1. Exchange information and obtain witness contact information: it is essential to exchange insurance information with anyone involved. It is also important to collect contact information from anyone who witnessed the accident.

  1. Take photos: it is also important to document as much of the accident as possible. The bicycle accident victim should take photos of their bike, injuries and the car. In addition, the victim should write down as much as they can remember about the bicycle accident as soon as they are able to.

There are other steps to take including contacting insurance companies and being aware of personal injury legal options and protections available to them. Bicycle accidents victims can suffer great injuries, harm and damages in a bicycle accident which is why it is important for them to know they are protected.

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