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When do you need a lawyer for your workers’ compensation claim?

Workers in New York often can’t imagine that they would ever get injured at work. Unfortunately, workplace accidents do occur, and an employee can suffer unexpected injuries. They may wonder if they need an attorney to get workers’ compensation after suffering a work-related injury. There are situations in which obtaining the help of a personal injury attorney can be a good idea.

Minor injuries

An employee can probably obtain workers’ compensation benefits on their own in the following situations:

  • The injury was minor such as a cut, scrape or sprain

  • The employee did not miss a lot of work, if any

  • The employer admits the injury was work-related

  • The employee does not have a pre-existing injury

Consulting an attorney

An employee may want to consult in an attorney in several different situations.

  • An employer doesn’t agree that the injury was work related or the employee has already been denied workers’ compensation.

  • The settlement offer does not cover all of the employee’s medical expenses or lost wages

  • An employee cannot return to work because of their injuries

  • The employee will receive Social Security Disability benefits

  • A third party was involved in the accident that caused the injury.

  • An employee believes they were treated unfairly because of their injury.

An attorney who specializes in personal injury and workers’ compensation can offer an injured employee many advantages. These include:

  • Making all forms are completed correctly.

  • Communicating with insurance providers.

  • Gather medical evidence

  • Negotiate fair settlement with insurance provider

  • Write a settlement agreement

  • Attend hearings, if necessary

Injured employees should understand that they have legal rights to workers’ compensation if they are injured on the job. An attorney can help them understand their legal rights and obtain workers’ compensation benefits for them.

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