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How a dash cam may help your case after a motor vehicle crash

The other driver provided untruthful information to investigators after your vehicles collided at a busy intersection. Even though you had statements and contact information from two witnesses that the other driver blew through a red light, you knew that additional evidence was necessary. And you had it.

Footage from your dash cam is your ace in the hole. A dash cam or dashboard-mounted camera inside your vehicle recorded everything: the view of the road, the collision and the aftermath that included your totaled vehicle and injuries that will require medical treatment.

Evidence for police and insurance companies

Here are some of the crucial ways that footage from a dash cam can provide significant support to your crash and injury claim:

  • Discloses details about the collision: The dash cam is a firsthand witness to what happened, providing strong evidence. This is important, especially when the other driver contests details of the crash.
  • Provides missing details for the police investigator’s report: Some gaps may exist in the officer’s initial report. By viewing the footage, the officer can gain a clearer and definitive picture as to how the crash unfolded.
  • Provides critical information to insurance companies: Footage from the dash cam provides a record of the accident. Fault is clearly displayed. Evidence from the camera may even speed up your insurance claim as well as reduce the chances of having your claim denied.
  • Discloses witnesses to the collision: Tracking down witnesses is crucial. It is better to get their statements and information right after a crash, but sometimes that may not be possible. The footage may help you find witnesses, whose testimony would help if your case heads to trial.

A dash cam provides you with a sense of security, because, essentially, it is a security camera.

A crucial helping hand

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle crash, you know that it is crucial to obtain any support that you can get. A dash cam may help you with your insurance and injury claim, providing you with an airtight narrative as to what happened, discounting any fabrications from the other driver.

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