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What are the different types of workers’ compensation benefits?

There are several different categories of workers’ compensation benefits that can help injured workers including injured construction workers. It is helpful for those workers injured on the job and their family members to be familiar with the different types of workers’ compensation benefits and legal resources available to injured victims.

Medical care

Injured workers can obtain medical care they need through workers’ compensation benefits. The different types of medical care that may be available to injured workers include medical care, dental care, surgical care, optometry care, medically necessary drugs and assistive devices. If the injured worker has a valid workers’ compensation claim, their employer’s insurer should pay their medical bills and they are not required to do so themselves.

Lost wages

Injured workers can obtain benefits through workers’ compensation that can help with their lost wages. Injured workers may receive benefits for lost wages when the workplace injury they suffered keeps them from being able to work for greater than 7 days or if their pay is reduced because their hours are reduced or they have to do other work because of the workplace injury they suffered. There is a timeline associated with lost wages benefits that injured workers should also be familiar with.

Survivor benefits

Survivor’s benefits may also be available following a fatal workplace accident and personal injury legal resources and damages may also be available to injured workers when they have been harmed on the job by a third party. Workers’ compensation provides many benefits to help injured workers through the aftermath of a workplace accident and injured workers should be familiar with what each is.


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