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4 things that contribute to negligent security

Property owners remain responsible for the safety of the people who visit their premises. This rule applies to many types of investors, including those who own restaurants, hotels, apartment and office complexes as well as adjacent parking lots and parking ramps.

However, sometimes, these owners are lax when it comes to security. When this happens, the chances of attacks rise. An assailant may confront a victim on his way to a car in a parking ramp or break into an office complex and attack a person in the stairwell. By following proper security measures, these incidents may not happen.

Poor lighting, poorly trained staff

Here are some things that contribute to negligent security:

  • Poor lighting: Well-lit parking ramps, parking lots, hotel common areas and stairwells serve as deterrents to criminals bent on pouncing on unsuspected victims. Functioning lights are necessary. Darkness works in favor of criminals.

  • Non-functioning security cameras: There is no excuse for this. An increasing number of residential homeowners have installed security cameras, so it is not difficult to do. Well-placed cameras in high-traffic areas monitor the comings and goings of people. These cameras – crucial for security staff — also should have regular maintenance and be replaced when no longer working.

  • Lack of or poorly trained security staff: These workers monitor security cameras, make periodic patrols of the premises, guard building entry points and make building inspections. The presence of security staff may make criminals avoid the facilities. However, some property owners cut corners in not hiring enough security and may neglect to properly train them.

  • Unsecured windows and doors: Sometimes, criminals may gain easy access through the windows and doors of apartment complexes, office buildings and even hotel rooms.

Property owners understand the consequences if an attack takes place on their premises. They must do their best to protect the public.

Seek legal guidance

You became the victim of an attack at a place where you thought you were safe. Your injuries have led to the temporary inability to work and costly medical bills. Negligent security was at the root of the attack. Seek the guidance of an experienced legal advocate.

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