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Common causes of car accidents and relief for victims

Car accidents can cause widespread injures and damages to victims and their families. For that reason, it is essential for victims to be familiar with legal resources and protections available to them when a negligent driver has caused a car accident harming them.


Common causes of car accidents can include when drivers engage in speeding which is not uncommon. According to studies, two-thirds of drivers on all types of roadways are speeding when driving. Speeding increases the chances of a car accident that results in injuries and fatalities. In addition to making it more difficult for the driver to respond to roadway changes or increase the chances the driver loses control of the vehicle, it can also increase the force of the impact of the collision.

Drugs and alcohol

In addition, drug and alcohol impairment can cause car accidents. Between one quarter and one-third of all fatal car accidents involve alcohol or drug impairment. Using alcohol and drugs prior to driving is dangerous and also illegal. Drowsy or fatigued driving also leads to car accidents. Many Americans suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving.

Driver distractions

Driver distractions are another common cause of car accidents. Distracted driving includes cognitive, manual and visual forms of distraction and texting while driving combines these three types of driver distraction. Distracted driving increases the chances of a car accident. Following a car accident, the negligent driver who caused it may be liable for the victim’s damages. Because of that, car accident victims should know how a personal injury claim for damages may be able to help with their physical, financial and emotional damages.

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