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Common injuries suffered at construction sites

Construction workers in New York City perform many essential tasks that keep our city running. They repair our roads and maintain our buildings. Construction work, however necessary, presents dangers and many construction workers suffer a variety of injuries on the job. Many studies show construction is among the most dangerous professions for American workers.

Burn risks and falls

The presence of fires and the possibility of explosions at construction sites can lead to burn injuries. For example, exposed wiring, chemicals used in the construction process and leaky pipes can all pose a fire risk and thus the possibility of burn injuries if proper care is not taken.

Falling objects, including building materials and tools, can cause head injuries. Wearing hardhats and other safety gear can help minimize the damage, but can’t always completely prevent injuries.

If a worker at a construction site falls, they could sustain a spinal cord injury. The fall could be from a ladder or a higher area of the build site. Spinal cord injuries can lead to life-long complications including paralysis and brain damage.

Cuts and broken bones

Construction workers can cut themselves on poorly maintained tools, machine parts or nails. If not immediately treated, these lacerations can become infected. The use of protective clothing can reduce the risk of lacerations.

Another common construction injury is broken bones. The use of heavy machinery that is not secured adequately can lead to broken, fractured or crushed bones.

A construction project may involve the use of heavy equipment, heavy materials and complicated machinery. If proper safety precautions are not taken, a worker could amputate a digit or limb in this machinery.

Overlooked construction injuries

Hearing loss is another common construction worker injury that often goes overlooked because it can take a while to manifest itself. Many machines are loud and noisy. If a worker is not wearing earplugs, this could lead to hearing loss.

Construction work can require a lot of repetitive motion. Workers regularly lift, bend or move in ways that, over time, can lead to repetitive stress injuries. This can affect a worker for years to come.

Heat stroke is an often overlooked construction injury. Construction workers often are outside for the majority of their workday. Overexertion and sun exposure can lead to heat stroke even in those accustomed to working in hot weather. Heat stroke can damage the brain, heart and kidneys if left untreated.

Seek compensation for construction injuries

Construction workers who are injured on the job can seek workers’ compensation benefits to help them meet their many expenses incurred from their injury. These include medical expenses and everyday expenses. When a person is injured on-the-job, workers’ compensation benefits can be the lifeline needed to make ends meet.

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