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Common types of construction site injuries

There are different resources that may be available to injured construction workers. Both workers’ compensation benefits and a personal injury claim may be potential resources available to injured construction workers depending on the circumstances.

Common types of construction site injuries

Construction sites can be dangerous places to work. For that reason, injured construction workers should be familiar with the common types of construction site injuries and the resources that may be available to help them.

There are several common categories or types of construction injuries construction workers may suffer on a job site. One of the most common types of construction site injuries includes falls. Injured workers may fall from scaffolding, roofs and other heights on a construction site. In addition, workers below may be injured by falling objects that are not properly secured and fall from above.

In addition, other types of construction injuries that can be common on construction sites include equipment-related accidents. There are a variety of different types of equipment and tools common to construction sites that can injure workers. Back over and crush between accidents involving heavy machinery can also occur on construction sites. Trench collapse injuries and other collapse-related injuries can also occur when a job site becomes unstable.

Finally, construction workers can be injured by fires and explosions on the job or exposure to hazardous materials. Construction workers also oftentimes engage in a significant amount of tasks involving repetitive motion which can lead to repetitive stress injuries. Depending on how they were injured, workers’ compensation benefits or personal injury legal resources, or both, may be available to help injured workers with the damages and harm they have suffered while on the job.

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