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How frequent are bicycle injury accidents in New York City?

Our city provides more transportation options than any other city in the country. Whether you choose car, subway, bicycle, foot, unicycle, rideshare, bus, etc., moving in the city is a must. For many New Yorkers, bicycles offer the perfect amount of convenience. Perhaps, they do not want to share a crowded L Line train, or try to find reliable, low-cost parking at work, which would be about the same as winning the lottery. Bicycles offer not only convenience, but also riders are susceptible to more severe accidents. New York City offers data to give more insight into accident frequency.

Which borough has the most bicycle accidents involving injury?

The NYC Department of Transportation released data concerning accidents between cyclists and motor vehicles that shows in 2020, over 5,000 bicyclists dealt with an injury due to accidents. Overwhelmingly, these accidents occurred in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, with Brooklyn accounting for roughly 40% of these accidents. Injuries for cyclists can be more severe, and if an injury occurs as you are just trying to get around the city, you have options to pursue the liable parties for your injuries.

What about data for bicycles?

According to the CDC, over 100,000 cyclists deal with accident injuries every year. Their data also demonstrates that cyclists are over-represented in vehicle accidents compared to the total number of trips they make and that urban places, like New York, account for most cycling fatalities. Outcomes for cyclists can be costly, both in dollars and in suffering, but suffering at the hands of another’s negligence is unacceptable.

What are my options if I am injured on my bicycle?

You do not have to deal with injuries alone. If someone else’s driving negligence caused you injury, attorneys can help hold responsible parties accountable. You deserve the time to heal after an accident, not worry about the bills. Many attorneys will take time to hear your unique bicycle accident circumstances and take cases on contingency, meaning unless you recover financially, they will not assess fees.

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