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Mopeds encroaching on New York’s bike and pedestrian paths

New York bicyclists face enough challenges. Car, SUV and truck drivers fail to give them space and do not see them, leading to crashes that sometimes prove fatal to anyone on a cycle. And it is not just these larger vehicles that pose threats.

There are also mopeds and motorized scooters that endanger cyclists and pedestrians. In the past few months, it has come to the attention of cyclists and city officials that these vehicles have, sometimes, overtaken New York bike and pedestrian paths, pushing out of the way the very people those paths are meant to serve.

Illegal for mopeds on bike paths

Their actions also may prove dangerous, potentially leading to serious and life-changing injuries to bicyclists and pedestrians. All it takes is a brushing glance from such motorized vehicles to cause a cyclist or pedestrian to spin around, flip and tumble to the ground.

It is against the law to ride a moped or motorized scooter in a bike lane, but this does not stop some of these negligent drivers who dare cyclists and pedestrians to get out of the way. (However, people may legally drive electric bikes (e-bikes) and electric scooters (e-scooters) in bike lanes.)

The only way these threats will stop is through awareness that this problem exists and for government officials to act by creating new laws.

Continue to remain alert

Bike and pedestrian paths are meant to serve the cyclists who enjoy riding or commuting as well as the people enjoying brisk walks to work or for exercise or leisurely strolls. Moped and electric scooter drivers may be viewed as an “invasive species,” who threaten others and belong elsewhere. Cyclists and pedestrians must continue to remain alert.

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