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New York City has its worst month for road fatalities since 2008

In New York City, the roads can be a risky place for motorists, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Given the abounding dangers, it is imperative for people to be aware of trends and take steps to remain safe. From distracted driving, drunk driving, recklessness and other potentially problematic behaviors, auto accidents can happen in an instant without warning. Recently, a new report stated that February 2022 was the worst year for New York road fatalities since 2008. Those who were injured or lost a loved one in a collision should also know what options are available to address the challenges that inevitably arise in the aftermath.

More and more drivers are running red lights in New York

According to Transportation Alternatives, there were 23 road fatalities in New York in February. Included were pedestrians, bicyclists and people in automobiles. This is more than twice the number of people who lost their lives in an accident just one year earlier. A primary culprit is believed to be drivers who are going through red lights. When compared to 2019, these types of violations had risen by 50% in the last six months of 2021.

It is believed that red light cameras and speed cameras can help in dissuading drivers from committing these violations. Still, the current law limits the number of red light cameras across the city to 150. Speed cameras are used near schools, but nowhere else. Advocates for road safety say there should be more of these devices installed. New York City Mayor Eric Adams wants to increase the number of cameras and add other safety concepts to the Vision Zero program that was put in effect under the previous administration. Statistics suggest that injuries in auto crashes reduced in areas where cameras had been installed.

The cause of an auto accident can be essential to deciding on a strategy

Knowing about the troubling auto accident numbers is only part of the battle. Unfortunately, it does not change the current problem of driver behavior. With drivers ignoring red lights, speeding and committing other violations to cause accidents, it is important to know what can be done after an accident. With the medical costs, lost time at work, problems with returning to full health and the impact on people who have lost a loved one, consulting with those who are experienced in all types of accidents can be helpful in finding a path forward.

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