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The most common types of construction accidents and injuries

There are different forms of liability and different types of legal resources that may be available to injured construction workers depending on the circumstances. For that reason, it is helpful for injured construction workers to be familiar with the most common construction injury types so they can determine the best resource for their situation.

Some of the most common types of construction accidents and injuries include:

  • Falls: The category of falls can refer to falls from heights or shorter slips and trips. They can occur because of uneven surfaces; improperly mounting or dismounting from equipment; improperly using a ladder; and because of inadequate fall protection equipment or none at all. Slip and falls can result from spills, leaks and items that have been misplaced on a job site.

  • Struck by an object: This category of injuries refers to when a construction worker is hit by an object such as a machine or injured by falling materials.

  • Electrocution: Electrocution injuries are most commonly burn injuries, but can also result in cardiac arrest or nerve damage.

  • Caught in/between: This category of accident occurs when a construction worker is caught between two or more objects. Examples are when a vehicle traps a worker in between it and a wall; materials collapse on a worker; or a worker’s body part is pulled into a machine.


The different remedies available depend on the nature of the harm suffered by the worker. Depending on the circumstances, workers’ compensation resources or a third-party legal claim may be available and, in some instances, both may be available to help the injured worker and their family.

If you have been injured on the job in a construction accident, you must know about the different types of protections available to you. They can help guide you through your recovery process and ensure you receive the help and attention you need.

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