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Troubling trend of pedestrian fatalities continued in 2021

New Yorkers are undoubtedly aware of the dangers that seem to lurk around every corner when they are out walking. Pedestrians have always been at risk of injuries and loss of life in an automobile collision in New York and elsewhere. In recent years, that danger has gotten worse. With the number of drivers who are drowsy, exceed the speed limits, behave recklessly or simply do not pay attention, the pedestrian accident statistics are getting worse. Even with more automobiles equipped with advanced safety features, warnings and automatic braking, the problem persists. People should understand the potential risk and know what to do after being involved in a crash.

Multiple reports

Pedestrian safety and a spike in accidents was highlighted in a recent report issued by the Governors Highway Safety Association. Its overall statistics are limited to the first half of 2021. Across the United States, there were more than 3,400 pedestrian fatalities. This was 17% worse than the same time-frame for 2020. Although the increase from one year to the next was substantial, the number of pedestrian deaths has been growing for the past decade with a 46% rise from 2011 to 2020. As for New York, the first six months of the year had 131 pedestrian deaths – an increase of nearly 30%.

In general, road death numbers are also getting worse whether the person was in an automobile, was riding a bicycle or walking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released its preliminary information for deaths through September of 2021. When they are finally tallied in full, there is expected to be an increase from 2020. Regarding the first six months, there were around 12% more deaths. This is the worst year since 2006. In 2021, New York had more than 800 deaths through September, which was a 6% rise from 2020.

The injured should know their rights

Those who have been involved in a pedestrian accident or have lost a loved one after they were hit by an automobile will understandably have many questions about their options. Drivers are supposed to pay strict attention to pedestrians to maintain safety. Unfortunately, as these numbers indicate, many do not. Insurance companies might try to minimize their costs by making an offer to avoid a legal claim. People often make the mistake of accepting an offer before realizing how costly the medical expenses, lost income, lost companionship and long-term expenses will be. To have a full grasp of how to recover sufficiently personally and financially, it is crucial to have professional advice.

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