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Who is liable if you are in an accident while riding in an Uber?

Many people in New York, have taken a ride in an Uber or other ride sharing service. Uber and other similar services provide a convenient way to get a ride in situations when they cannot drive. The drivers of these vehicles are human like anyone else though and there are always other dangers while people are driving on any roads. However, as a passenger in an Uber you have no control over any of the decisions made by any of the drivers.

If passengers are injured in motor vehicle accidents while riding in Ubers, they need to be compensated for their injuries just like any other victim of a motor vehicle accident. However, who is responsible for compensating the victim depends on the circumstances.

Who is responsible for compensating Uber passengers

If another driver is responsible for the accident, their insurance will be liable to pay for the damages they cause to both the Uber driver and any passengers in the vehicle. Also, Uber carries uninsured/underinsured coverage for their drivers. This may be able to pay for the damages if the driver at-fault does not have insurance or insufficient policy limits to cover all the damages.

If the Uber driver is at fault for the accident then Uber carries liability insurance for any third parties up to a certain amount. If there are damages beyond that, people may be able to also seek compensation from the driver’s personal insurance as well. There is also a chance one’s own insurance policies may cover some of the damages if all other policies are exhausted.

Taking an Uber provides a valuable and convenient service. However, as a passenger you need to trust the Uber driver, who you do not know, to drive safely and allow you to arrive at your destination. This unfortunately does not always occur though and accidents do occur. As a passenger though, you would be a victim no matter who caused the accident.

People in New York who are injured in accidents while riding in an Uber may have a complicated process for receiving their compensation though and may need to work with multiple insurance companies depending on the circumstances. Experienced attorneys understand these complex accidents and may be able to help people navigate their way through it.

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