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New York auto crash statistics improve but are still troubling

In New York City, road dangers have been a primary focus of regulatory agencies, lawmakers and law enforcement. Programs like Vision Zero and greater vigilance about driver misbehavior have been used to try and enhance safety. Despite that, far too many people are injured and lose their lives in crashes.

The numbers for 2022 were recently released by the Department of Transportation. While there were improvements from the last several years, the numbers are still troubling. As attempts are made to reduce accidents, people need to know what they can do after they or a loved one has been injured.

DOT statistics are better than they were, but problems persist

The DOT numbers show that New York City had 255 road deaths in 2022. This was a reduction from the 273 people who lost their lives in an accident in 2021—a decrease of 6.6%. Even with that improvement, the total was nearly 24% higher than the 206 fatalities in 2018.

Vision Zero seemed to be having a significant impact on road safety in New York. The spike has stoked fear of a regression. This is not a problem that is solely impacting New York.

Nationally, pedestrians have been at growing risk with fatalities the worst they have been in four decades. In New York, there were 118 pedestrians killed in 2022. This was eight fewer than in 2021 and 66 fewer from 2013—the year before Vision Zero went into effect.

Some steps that have been taken in addition to Vision Zero were touted. That includes speed cameras working all day, every day and improvements at intersections. The speed cameras record drivers who exceed the posted speed limit and they are sent citations. This is believed to give drivers pause before going too fast. Before the change, the cameras were only in operation from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Those involved in auto accidents should consider the value of experienced help

Even with the attempts to reduce auto accidents, people need to be aware that there are certain behaviors that will continue, such as drivers who are using their handheld devices or are distracted in other ways; those who are drunk or high behind the wheel; speeding and recklessness and drowsy driving.

When there is a crash, people can face extensive problems financially with paying for medical care and lost time on the job. Personally, they often need a loved one to help take care of them. This can cause extensive problems that may only be addressed through a legal claim. Contacting those who have a history in helping people after an auto crash can provide information and representation.

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