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3 exceptionally dangerous types of heavy construction equipment

A construction site is a dangerous place to work due in no small part to the risks of falling, electrocution and even chemical exposure that are present in so many projects. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of a construction site, though, is the risk of crush or impact injuries from heavy equipment.

Out of the 4,764 worker deaths reported by OSHA in 2020, nearly half occurred in construction or related industries. Negligence and misuse surrounding heavy equipment account for a significant number of annual construction fatalities, so it is important to know why some types of heavy equipment are so dangerous.


Bulldozers are among the most common pieces of equipment that you can expect to see on a construction site, but also one of the most deadly. The power and weight that bulldozers exert to shift the terrain also make them capable of inflicting catastrophic injuries to bystanders if the operator loses control.


Construction cranes are unwieldy pieces of equipment that can easily lose balance if the operator’s focus breaks, leading to devastating crush injuries. It is also unfortunately common for a crane’s load to strike workers while swinging or crush bystanders after a fall.


Backhoes present a different kind of threat compared to other types of heavy construction equipment. With a shovel in the front and a bucket in the back, it is easy for accidents to occur in either direction if the operator is not totally aware of their surroundings at all times.

If you suffer an injury due to heavy construction equipment negligence, you likely have a strong legal claim for compensation. Depending on the circumstances, you might file a construction accident claim against the site manager or a workers’ compensation claim with your employer.

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