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Common causes of construction site injuries

Construction is among the more dangerous professions. In 2022 alone, 22 construction workers lost their lives in workplace accidents in New York City.

While each injury is unique, there are common causes of injuries that construction workers and employers should be aware so that they can hopefully work to prevent injuries in the future.

Additionally, construction workers should be aware that they may be entitled to financial compensation for any injuries while working at a construction site.


Statistics indicate that the most common type of construction injury is a fall. A worker, for example, may fall from a ladder, scaffolding or any other elevated surface.

Falling objects, such as falling construction material, is another common cause of injury. In many cases, the failure to properly secure equipment or material is to blame for the injury.

Equipment injuries

Large construction machinery is another common cause of injury. Without strict safety procedures and proper training, large machinery can easily cause serious injury or even death.

Construction tools like electric saws are another source of injury, either from improper use or from defects in the equipment.

Repetitive motion or overexertion injuries

Repetitive motion injuries and overexertion also lead to many workplace injuries. Performing the same task for days on end can quickly cause muscle or joint damage. Overexposure to heat or cold can also result in heat stroke or hypothermia, which can cause serious illness if untreated.

Compensation is available

Construction workers should be aware that they are usually entitled to financial compensation for any injuries caused while on the job.

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