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Pedestrian Accidents Archives

Pedestrian accident: Foot travelers at risk in New York

If you travel by foot on a New York roadway, you're obligated to adhere to pedestrian traffic laws and safety regulations. This might include using specially marked sections of road to navigate crosswalks or waiting for a pedestrian crossing signal to change before stepping into the road. Motorists, too, are obligated to adhere to traffic laws, of course, and are expected to be cautious and alert behind the wheel, particularly in areas where pedestrians are present. If a pedestrian accident occurs, a driver may be deemed financially responsible for damages if evidence shows that he or she was negligent.

Lose a loved one in a pedestrian accident?

Every year, far too many New York residents lose their lives in auto-pedestrian accidents. These events tend to leave the victims' loved ones devastated in more ways than one. If you recently lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, know that you may not have to bear the burden of your losses alone. You may be entitled to seek compensation through legal means.

Pedestrian hit by car in Manhattan

As numerous pedestrians are out and about in certain areas of New York on any given day, one would think drivers would be more cautious and aware of their surroundings. Sadly, auto-pedestrian accidents are often reported. Most recently, a pedestrian hit by a car in Manhattan's Lower East Side had to be freed from underneath the SUV before she could be transported for medical care.

2 killed, 1 injured in recent pedestrian accidents

In 2019, 219 pedestrians died in accidents in New York City. Unfortunately, as far as pedestrian safety goes, 2020 is not off to a good start. Just recently, two people died, and one person was injured in two separate pedestrian accidents occurring just hours apart.

New York worst state when it comes to pedestrian accident risk

According to a national study and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 1.4 out of every 100,000 pedestrians will become a victim of a fatal collision. In addition, nearly 5.5 out of every 100,000 motorists are guilty of not yielding the right-of-way to pedestrians. A recent analysis of pedestrian accident data reveals that New York is ranked the highest for these tragic types of collisions.

The physical and emotional effects of a pedestrian accident

New York is home to a lot of people who choose to walk or ride bikes around the city rather than spend the money on automobiles. With so many pedestrians out and about regularly, one would think that drivers would already be hyperaware of their presence. Unfortunately, auto versus pedestrian accidents happen all too often. When a pedestrian accident does occur, the victim, if he or she survives, is left with physical and emotional scars that can affect various aspects of his or her life.

What can pedestrians do to protect themselves?

Every year in New York and across the country, thousands of people die in auto-pedestrian accidents. Many more suffer injuries in such events. Sadly, some victims will find themselves being blamed for these incidents. There are things pedestrians can do to protect themselves from being hit by cars and being held accountable for their own losses.

Pedestrian accident in Midtown leaves woman in coma

Emergency responders were recently called to help a woman who was hit by a bicyclist in Midtown. The victim is said to have suffered a skull fracture and is now in a coma. Her prognosis is unknown. New York state laws may allow the victim of this pedestrian accident or -- if she fails to recover -- her loved ones to seek compensation for the economic and noneconomic damages they have experienced as a result of this event.

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